Mysterious Ma Kali, cremation grounds are your great delight, for there you release souls from mundane experience. I have transformed my heart into a cremation ground so you will be attracted to dance as flames of liberating bliss…….please manifest in the brilliant midnight hour of this renouncing heart…please dance to the intense drum of my longing upon the breast of Absolute Reality that appears as Shiva, Conqueror of Death, breathless beneath your flashing feet….the singer of this strange song is waiting, eyes wide open in the wakefulness beyond meditation.

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It took many years of vomiting up all the filth I’d been taught about myself, and half-believed, before I was able to walk on this earth as though I had a right to be here.

James Baldwin

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Dandelion Coffee

Growing up we knew dandelions as “wet-the-bed” and that if we played with them we would wet the bed. But time moves on and now I use dandelions as much as I can. You see them coming up at the side of the road but I wouldn’t dare pick them from there with the council being far too partial to spraying with Roundup as well as the effect of car fumes.

These days I stick them in next to any other salad leaves I’ve growing. It’s green leaves for salads (vitamins A and C, iron & calcium) or for mulching (they are nitrogen fixing). So now onto the dandelion coffee, it having vitamin A it’s good for fighting cancers of epithelial tissue (including mouth and lung). It helps keep blood pressure down and reduces risks of strokes. 

 Fights diabetes, lowers cholesterol, reduces cancer and heart disease. And is said to be a good tonic for the liver.

Large dandelion leaves don’t necessary mean big roots, so it is very much the luck of the draw. I have a toothbrush specifically for giving them a good wash. Then I cut them up as small as I can and leave them dry by the window for a few days. After about 4 days they went on a baking tray into a fan oven at about 100 °C for about 45mins. Now I’ve seen various different times and heat for this but basically until they go brown.

Now you may hear people say they are like caramelised chocolate etc. But the smell is kinda like burnt caramel maybe. The taste to me is like a real watery coffee. Maybe I didn’t sell it to well there, but I think it’s health benefits outweight everything else.

I keep meaning to give dandelion root coffee a try!

the co-op i used to work at sold dandelion coffee….interesting stuff

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"Reality is mentality."

DJ Smokey — Resident Evil

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Ceephax Acid Crew — Arcadian (Castilian II)

Artist: Ceephax Acid Crew
Album: United Acid Emirates
Track: Arcadian (Castilian II)
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I don’t like context when it takes away from imagination. I don’t like external attempts at realism when it interferes with my vision. I do not like divulging details when my ideas are still cocooned and still need to be treated carefully. Ni needs ideas to be fully integrated into the psyche to have any lasting effect on the external world so talking about my inner world only comes when I am sure that it is a solid enough inner world to last a day out there in the “real world”. Which is why focusing on Te is important — as long as I’m creating things in line with my idea of the future, that future is much more likely to happen. I have to structure my external reality towards the benefit of my internal reality, to continuously honor it and make it more lush as it comes to life.