From the Carmina gadelica, a book of scottish folk hymns and charms collected in the 19th century

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I love ESTPs. They truly don’t give a shit if they know your whole life story, they care about who you are right now. And they especially want to know if who you are now measures up to all you’ve been through. They like tough people, it’s just a matter of showing them HOW you’re tough. They love figuring that shit out. Show them your most human parts, your strength, and they see where the weakness comes from. Their cognitive loop completes itself and connects you into a whole being, ouroboros and not simply snake. You earn their trust by being real with them moment to moment, and not faking shit. Being realized. Showing them your realized self without shame. Because that’s exactly what they’re best at. The healthy ones accept victory and loss at face value.

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yoo no way man u have all these sources and u go in depth into things i just touch on lazily. its nice talkin to ppl w insight for once otherwise u just surrounded by personalitycafe morons wehhhhh. but youre right tho! the looping thing, like i need ne or se dom ppl to help me out of the loop bc while i agree ti is black and white (like fi i guess) se is not imo, its like ne where its hard to pin down and focuses on more things than ni—like judging versus perceiving functions? do u go to anyone when ur ni-fi looping? if so, wat type? just curious lol i used to have an entp around that would make sense and pull me right out of my holes but she was unhealthy/unhappy in so many ways so not anymore.

Either personalitycafe morons or reddit idiots of tumblr trendhoppers lmao [whispers] but to be fair we all started somewhere……….

Ahhh see the recurring problem would be that I don’t go to anyone when I’m Ni-Fi looping. Like Strippin says here (6:00), Ni-Fi looping means u just suck it in and don’t tell anyone which results in further stress and insecurity. It’s taken actual work to get to a point where I can talk to people about it. The usual people I go to are la madre, my therapist, and non-human interfaces (videos, journaling, deities). I have an ENFP friend and an ISFP friend that I talk to sometimes. I prefer my therapist most because she practices mindfulness and knows a lot about Jung and all sorts of other things so she actually listens objectively. I’ve never been able to type her and always thought she is a Feeling type but I’m starting to think she might be a well developed ENTJ because she has Fi tension and the clarity in conversation is so great. But to answer your question, it’s mostly Fi-oriented types. I think this is because I need Fi types to help me justify my emotional experiences and help evaluate my relationships with people. While having an awareness of Fi as an ENTJ can be disarming, I’ve realized it’s necessary in order to make Te decisions that are constructive rather than destructive. I trust that eventually I’ll be confident in it.

I am picky about who I open up to because a lot of shitheads try to invalidate people and I have to make sure I am either ready to deal with those shitheads or that those shitheads are nowhere to be seen. Fi is like a gaping wound sometimes — I want a careful, medically oriented person to look at it, not someone who is certified in CPR or driving monster trucks, and certainly not someone who’s going to look at it and cringe or dismiss it.

Tbh the best remedy is happy adventures out in the big wide world. Loops appear to be a result of not enough happy times.

Funny though, it seems like Strippin has the same issue with videos as I do with recording songs. He mentions that his videos have been “shit” when really I’ve rather enjoyed them and he gets less dislikes compared to other youtubers regardless of how easy it is for them to edit or how confident they are in their content. He’s a good streamer and his videos don’t make me cringe because he’s actually good at games. Basically I notice the more I hear my material over and over during the editing process, the less confident I get — and I suspect he might be having the same issue. He has the benefit of his subscribers though — for me, it’s a matter of finishing a song and releasing it into the wild before I manage to convince myself it’s sub par.

I think ENTJs draw a lot of their confidence from the way other people respond to them. Socionics makes the point that we need straightforward expressions of being liked/loved by the right people on a consistent basis.

and si auxilary i cant talk for estjs but that miserly/u owe me behavior is totally in the isfjs/enfjs that i know uGH and never the esfjs (healthy esfj sister bias for me tho so idk)

YES. ISXJs. My friend’s dad is an ISTJ and he’s like “don’t use so much water when ur washing the dishes” GOOD GOD U SHOULD BE THANKING ME FOR BEING A GOOD GUEST GOD DAMN

And that weird micromanaging shit. At least ISTJs say it how it is, ISFJs make “suggestions” and say “we” a lot like they’re ur fucking mum (unless they’re the “proud 2 b a bitch” garden variety ofc)

What the fuck are ENFJs even? Of all the types I’m not sure I’ve ever met one. Ever. I used to think Bunny is one, but… Ne???

PS ur ESFJ sister sounds dope where can I find one

and I LIKE THE EXAMPLES (and the metaphors!! definitely the metaphors) i get lazy with facts and figures and would rather go straight to the theory or the center so i have to watch out 4 that. which is why i trust te-doms ESPECIALLY WITH KNOWLEDGE omg two of my fav instructors were really healthy entjs and they were the. best. we learned so much, talked about hypotheticals but still gave evidence to support our claims, and they had such lively intelligent personalities it was gr8


AND FUCKING KYLE THO ‘noooooooooooo’ i think the first one i saw was the one where he had his ‘daughter’ and she was “selling weed” so thats y i called him the weed guy it was so funny

LMAO “dude she deals, she hooks it up fatty style”

I remember watching this pre-stoner exposure days and not understanding ANYTHING and now I’m like oh yeah he’s just speaking dank

lololol I looked up “weed guy kyle” and that’s why I figured u were talking about him lmao google knows what t f is uuuuuup

"I have mooned a lot of people in my time and am immensely proud of this fact." AN AMAZING QUOTE I WOULD LIKE TO QUOTE YOU IT IS SO PROPER ABOUT DOING SOMETHING NOT PROPER


During high school I went to a city fair with my best friend at the time and some girls passed by giving her the stink eye while very obviously whispering malicious insults so I calmly took the situation into my own hands and mooned them. Screams abounded, mothers clutched their children, galaxies disappeared into black holes, and at the center of it all… my booty

AND I AGREE WITH U ABOUT ENFPS JESUS C “ENFP Ne is so much loopier for some reason though!!! It’s just NUTS!!! It’s like watching a cracked out child who just ate a bag of halloween candy!!! How do they do that???” BECAUSE THEY ARE ON CRACK AND IT IS ANNOYING AF lol out of all the types i cant take too much of them tbh hey wat type is ur mom? she sounds like mine too laughs at my antics unless her fi is like NO

I’d wager her type is INFP. I tested her myself and she ended up identifying with the ENFP profile but I think that’s because she’s older. Also this was pre-socionics research so it was some personalitypage bs lol. We have a well developed semi-duality type of bond. What type is yours??

so your anger is just like ‘let it out’ and ur okayish after that? my enfj bro is kinda like that and gets over things surprisingly fast if hes had time to react emotionally to them then his anger becomes sort of like a fart in the wind. so thats pretty good of u to let ur anger out in other ways than tumblr imo i am tryin


and ugh entps, i think u just described my unhealthy friend she was p depressed and (not so funny thing!) had a controlling also  unhealthy entp dad who made her feel trapped so she would engage in lots of rather unhealthy behaviors that would distract her as much as possible from her future or lack thereof according to her

so how would you define depression as a process rather than a state then? thats rly interesting never thought about it that way

Let’s put it this way — it’s both a state and a process. The state is being depressed (which is what people want to resolve) and the process is what the depression is attempting to consolidate. In Soulcraft, Bill Plotkin essentially says that depression is often simply a disintegration of the first personality, “the first house”. He says you spend the first part of your life building this house and as soon as it’s complete you have to leave it behind. I personally see depression as a psychological form of death, and this has been helpful to me because it helps me see that it is not the core of me that is dying, it is the false beliefs the ego holds. Depression is a necessary process in that it reveals the truth. It reveals the alchemical gold in the unconscious, as Jung would put it. When one is so far gone, what is left? Who is the one that is alive when the original ego is dead?

Depression is actually very straightforward. Either the ego dies and is reborn to serve the soul, or the ego kills the soul, effectively killing the physical person.

On a physical level, depression can be the result of toxins found environmentally or through the use of drugs. It is also often a result of childhood (or later) trauma, and can be seen as a conditioned neurological response to the unfavorable conditions a person grew up in or otherwise spent a lot of time in. Many people seem unaware that the nervous system as a whole governs most of the functioning in the body, and each person’s nervous system is uniquely wired. One person’s stomach hurts when they’re nervous, another person’s blood pressure goes up. In any case, whatever is physically restraining the general wellbeing of a person needs to be addressed in a holistic way. Trauma needs to be gently unwound, tension released, wounds healed. Life needs to be accepted instead of resisted.

So when I say “ego”, it can be taken to mean the more abstract Jungian term or literally a traumatized nervous system that clings to what is familiar and avoids everything that might be painful. When I say soul, it can be taken to mean the “true self”, a person’s truest fundamental drive to exist freely and without fear, or it can mean life force, whatever it is that governs the overall cohesive aliveness of the person.

Speaking of depression and drugs — Daniel Pinchbeck wrote that pretty much all heroin users he encountered existed in some sort of spiritual void. Heroin is typically described as feeling like being a baby in a mother’s warm embrace. Naturally if one lacks that embrace then one seeks it outside of oneself. The great irony is that all things are created and resolved within ourselves — external input should ideally only be a tool.

Idk basically I personally think everything is really malleable. Reality is malleable. Knowledge is malleable. Perception is what governs everything, the universe looks the way it does because we see it that way not because it actually is any way at all. 


every time i respond im like ‘this time! this i will not ask a shitton of Qs’ oops farewell

[sobs and waves handkerchief as ur airship floats away into distance]


A note from my drunken self last night:


Pun of the day: a truck with a horse rig = horse powered car



my life got about a thousand times better once i stopped censoring myself

and by censoring i don’t mean i suddenly embraced indiscriminate swearing; i mean i stopped trying to sugarcoat my past or my feelings; i stopped lying by omission; i stopped having guilty pleasures; i began unabashedly enjoying whatever i liked; i became very honest; i cut out of my life poisonous people and negative ideals, and i am so, so much happier for it

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